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Re: Greatest budget Giant killer Datsun all out champion

Subject: Re: Greatest budget Giant killer Datsun all out champion
by jmac on 2020/12/29 0:38:40

THe holley is without a doubt the 'fisher price' carb compared to the tunability of a weber, but sometimes the extra tunability leads to more things you can get wrong instead of right.

It's literally 20 years ago I played around with holleys, on blowthrough hemi 6s, and more relevant to this discussion, a 2300 holley 350 2 barrel on a toyota 3k engine (which could be seen, quite literally as a poor mans a-series - in all seriousness. I also was an active participant on the blowthruturbo list that was on yahoogroups way back when. Based on everything that was discussed on that list, and the relative ease with which the holleys can be prepped - as far as a blowthrough setup goes, I literally wouldn't give though to anything else. the carb on the 3k saw somewhere around 30psi boost at one stage (we just kept raising it then ended up wiriing the gate closed just to see what would happen. Ended up not only blowing the head gasket, but it literally took a chunk of the head with it but the carb never leaked or saw any issue. In fact it had no blowoff valve either, so I'd shudder to think how high the pressure may have spiked when the throttle was lifted after running out of either rpm or road in 4th gear