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Re: Greatest budget Giant killer Datsun all out champion

Subject: Re: Greatest budget Giant killer Datsun all out champion
by coxsteve on 2021/2/13 3:35:23

427 Cobra is no contest unless a really talented driver having spent a week modifying a 427 Cobra front suspension to eliminate bump steer which I eventually got down to a toe change of just 2mm over the full suspension travel and an even camber curve that worked.
Much cutting and repositioning of A arms mounting points and fabricating A rms with the correct lengths.

I also hand made sand bent extractors with 2 inch primaries for the same race car what an effort to get them equal length and to fit in the tight confines of the engine bay, Worked great in the end but a Datto is just so much easier to engineer than one of Carrols beasts.

The guy I worked with at the time was a nephew of one of Shelby's original workers back in the day of the GT 40's and Cobra's and had many insights from his uncle into what needed doing to make a Cobra work, Most Cobra's are poor replicas and even some of the real ones vary so much over the years depending on what components were used.

Would have been interesting times back in the sixties without our modern equipment to make things easier to fabricate