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Re: Shortening h145

Subject: Re: Shortening h145
by a12dato120y on 2020/12/30 9:10:45

Took the axles out and it seems there is about 6mm unused spline.

I might shorten it 6mm or 10mm each side, it isnt much but should help abit with tyre to fender clearence.

I will have to cut the end of the axle by 6mm as it hits the spider gear cross shaft.

I could go in 10mm but then it will be engaging 4mm less on the spline.

Would this be an issue for a a12 engine? I dont think 4mm less should cause any problem consodering the a12 dosnt make much torque.

Also what is the best method to shorten the diff? The end where the axle bolts and bearing seats seems to be sitting inside the inside diameter of the main tube and welded on.

I was thinking to cut the weld knock the end of take of 10mm and weld it back on

Anyone see a problem with this?