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Re: Shortening h145

Subject: Re: Shortening h145
by zigmondo on 2021/1/14 7:24:06


dattoboy_nz wrote:
I'm running a h165 from a 411 bluebird with an alloy head. It's 25mm narrower over all - 12.5mm per side and allowed me to run a 8j wheel on a coupe. They run the same spline as the later ute h165B but the axle tubes and axle diameter is the same as h145 (tiney). I mix matched some bearings, so I could run larger ute axles and turned 6 or 8mm off the end of the axle (because its to long in the housing) and releaved the end of the spline so it could slip in a smidge further to all work. Got pics if anyone is interested

That must have been the same one as I used except the axles were the same diameter as the ute H165 . Because the splines were also way longer, I was also able to cut an extra 10 mm off then so when I shortened each side of the diff by 10mm I gained a total of nearly 25mm a side. This allowed me to run +3 offset wheels on the rear of my Coupe. Didn't get the alloy housing though which would have been nice.
Only down side is the brake bleed nipples end up very close to the spring plate.