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Re: Inlet manifold CAD DXF file download

Subject: Re: Inlet manifold CAD DXF file download
by lamb_daiquiri on 2021/2/8 19:51:30

I have some flanges another member had cut, a couple in mild steel, one in aluminium. I also got some of my own profiles cut and started making up flanges with injector bungs. The main problem is that the ports are so close together it's really tricky to get a welding torch in between them. I'd be willing to sell them to you, I don't think I'll ever use them. I'm also happy to email the dxf if that's what you want.

Another member used a redline DCOE manifold as a starter and I just thought that's a way better solution and did the same. Bought a second hand DCOE (twin weber), added some injector bungs and made up runners and plenum to bolt on. The only thing I'd do differently is make injector bungs since the ones I bought were really thin and hard to weld to a big thick casting. I ended up having to re-machine the injector bungs since a few I'd melted the sides and they drooped.

Either was there's a fair bit of work in it.