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Re: Imported 1200 GX, 1975, rear drum brake shoes

Subject: Re: Imported 1200 GX, 1975, rear drum brake shoes
by D on 2021/3/13 0:23:30

As our brakes expert said above re-lining is a great option.

I found out about this when I went to Highway brake and clutch services
to reline my ancient Dyna truck shoes, cheaper than new and helps the guys
locally rather than overseas. Support home made craftsmen as you can.

You can reline clutches as well and have new springs put in as well
for your own custom needs. Had a Hillman Imp GT one redone to factory specs
for a fraction of the price of ones from NZ and UK suppliers.

Nice coupe btw best color and prob nicest daily to own vs new plastic rubbish.
I sometimes come across pics of the past and see such retro beauty in our world
versus now and hope these kind of beautiful cars got remade even if electric.
You must snap necks when you drive by anywhere.