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Re: Front Windshield Trim Installation Tips

Subject: Re: Front Windshield Trim Installation Tips
by rgjt405 on 2021/6/4 0:54:46

The glass shop never tried that method.
It's a little late now as I managed to get it on with a lot of effort.
The top was simple enough as it comes it two parts and both halves slide in quite easily using silicon spray.
The sides require some effort for the bottom half as I was able to slide the top halves into the top corner pieces.
The bottom was impossible without cutting in half and then sliding both halves.
This is the order that used,
1) slide the upper top half starting with the left side starting from the outside corner,
2) slide the upper top right half starting from the outside corner, (include the little gap cover with it),
3) slide the upper half on the left side trim (driver's side in North America) and work the seal lip using a typical hard plastic trim tool.
4) cut the bottom trim in half, (too much of an arc trying to slide the entire trim length)
5) slide the left bottom half starting from the middle going towards the left bottom corner,
6) slide the right bottom half starting from the outside corner towards the middle,
7) use the trim tool to work the rubber lip for the outside 1 to 2 inch length,
8) slide the right hand side trim up to the to right hand corner (start at about the middle),
9) work the rubber lip into the trim lip using the trim tool for the remaining length.
10) fold the little tabs on each corner to lock them into place.

It's doable after the screen is installed, but it takes a lot of effort.