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Trying to establish timing

Subject: Trying to establish timing
by smellsofbikes on 2021/7/30 1:30:09

I need to check timing on my A14 because it's running rich.
The problem I have is: it's a Frankenstein engine with lots of parts on it. It has a three sheave pulley on the crank and I cannot for the life of me see a single mark on it. I think the timing chain cover is from a 1200, because it looks the the ones on the tech wiki.

So if you have a car where you don't know exactly where TDC is, how do you determine it, to mark the pulley?
I'm thinking about pulling a spark plug and sticking a wire in there and measuring the height but that's only going to get me to within like 5 degrees because movement of the piston is so small at TDC.
Maybe stick the wire in and try to measure it at roughly halfway up, observe the angle there, move it until it's the same depth on the other side, observe the angle there, and split the angles?