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Re: Trying to establish timing

Subject: Re: Trying to establish timing
by ddgonzal on 2021/7/30 12:08:42

Probably get you in the ballpark, engine will run good for 5-15 BTDC. 0 will be a little sluggish and 20 will give more low-end power but wont let it rev very high

Taking the cover off will be 100% accurate

With the cover on the most accurate way is with a "piston stop". I think the wire idea won't be accurate enough

14mm piston stop $16 USD or you can make one

0. pull all plugs so you can easily turn engine by hand
1. Put engine in approximate TDC, then rotate a bit further
2. thread in the Stop to the #1 spark plug hole. Then turn the shaft in until it stops on the piston
3. rotate back (by hand) a bit to be sure then engine stops (hits the Piston Stop)
4. Mark the pulley
5. rotate the opposite way (almost a full turn) until engine stops again
6. Mark the pulley

Halfway between the two marks is TDC