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Re: install E16 88mm Stroke Crankshaft to Datsun A15 Block?

Subject: Re: install E16 88mm Stroke Crankshaft to Datsun A15 Block?
by ddgonzal on 2021/8/10 0:31:22

we know of a few conversions: two Australia, two Finland, one Venezuela. There are likely more done by racers who are very secretive of the details

E16 crank stroke 88mm
In A15 block yields 1587cc with stock diameter pistons

Main Forum: whats involved in fitting an e16 crank or other e series cranks in to an a series

Lemonhead: Quote:
photo's of the E16 crank I have modified for the A-series block ...

[option I chose was to] modify the rear of the crank to make it similar to an A-series crank ... it's alot of work to do it right!

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120ZZZ said: Quote:
I have 2 e16 cranks,what is fitted to a-engine.Thous cranks was meid over 10 years ago to turboengine.That modifigeisen was very expensive,but that crank is very strong in turbouseing.The best time in 1/4mile was 11.78/181km:h. ps.Mazda e5(1.5l and bore 77mm) and b6(1.6 and bore 78mm) pistons and connecting rods is good and easy fit,whit that crank.I gone use opel 1.6 ecoteck pistons(79mm) and mazda connecting rods to my non-turbo engine.

Google search: E16 crankshaft fit A15 block

E16 crankshaft modified to fit in A15 block
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