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Datsun 1000 Clocks

Subject: Datsun 1000 Clocks
by ddgonzal on 2021/8/27 0:57:14

Have a clock in your 1000? Show us your photos

For the Japan domestic market, apparently there was only one factory option:
27380-H0100 SET-CLOCK 2 door-GL, 4 door-GL

and three KB10 optional equipment clocks
27380-25706 SET-CLOCK (CITIZEN 2-hands)
27380-25711 SET-CLOCK (矢? 3-hands)
27380-25815 SET-CLOCK (JECO, with date? ?日付)

These appear to all fasten to the top of the dash
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This one looks like a JECO aftermarket clock, somewhat popular in the late 1960s and even sold in USA
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