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Re: E15 Crankshaft

Subject: Re: E15 Crankshaft
by ddgonzal on 2021/9/12 10:14:21

The E15ET was the only boosted one. It was 7 psi boost, so it didn't need an intercooler

E10, E13, E15 and E16 were never boosted as far as I know

E15ET used low compression of 7.4:1 (old-school turbo thinking). By comparison most of the new turbo car use high compression like Honda K20C2 turbo engine uses factory ratios of 9.8:1 and 10.8:1

* Main journal sizes: as i recall, same as A-series engines (48mm?). The crank fits an A15 block except for the rear flange portion

* Conrod big end journal size: Nobody can agree, various sizes are quoted

* What is the Gudgeon pin size. Same as the A14/A15 at 19mm diameter x 63mm length

* What is the length of the con rod. E15ET is same as the E16 (while the E15 rod is longer). Again everybody says something different about the actual measurements

* What boost is standard for E15ET engine at factory: 7psi

For the journal sizes, need to see what it says in the Nissan Pulsar N12 Service Manual (usually in the EM Engine Mechanical section at the end under Service Data Specifications)