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Re: fuel pump blank plate

Subject: Re: fuel pump blank plate
by ddgonzal on 2021/9/16 12:02:39

Here's another pic of the factory alloy cover plate installed on an A12

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That Aussie price of $18.75 is a bargain. But what if you are like me and like to reuse instead of buy new?

If sourcing from a wrecking yard, look for EFI vehicles like this:
* 1979-1983 Nissan S110 200SX with Z20E/Z22E
* 1980-1986 Nissan 720 Pickup with Z22 carby
* 1987-1989 Nissan N12 Pulsar with E16
* 1987-1989 Nissan B12 Sentra with E16I
* Reportedly also a few 620 Pickup with L20B came with electric fuel pump and this blanking plate

The bolts I think are M8, 12mm long. Washers are M8. The fuel pump studs are unscrewed from the block and the short bolts put in