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AUS brochures wanted

Subject: AUS brochures wanted
by ddgonzal on 2021/9/21 22:10:51

We have quite a few with links to Australia Brochures

Comments? Questions? More photos or info? Reply here, even on older brochure topics that are years old -- we always welcome more information or new questions to research

Most are not great quality. Got some good brochures?
* post in the mail to me. I'll scan & upload, and return it to you
* or scan and upload (1280 wide is possible at 70% compression/30% quality) -- click the World of Datsun photo below (it's 1024p)
* or email to me (300dpi preferred)

Enjoy our virtual catalog of 1200s!

Like this one -- for sale on eBay now

Brighten Up
With Datsun

Datsun owners go pretty well everywhere.
Les propriétaires de Datsun se déplacent n'importe où.
Datsun-Fahrer sind immer obenauf!
Los que tienen Datsun siempre alegres van a todas partes

Product of NISSAN

* Pics of Datsun owners from all over the world
* Puzzle Corner
* "My Datsun -- I guess the sun shines out of it"
* 240Z rally car in snow
* Datsun ESV

... and don't forget the stickers