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Re: DATSUN Accessories for your 1200

Subject: Re: DATSUN Accessories for your 1200
by ddgonzal on 2021/9/26 23:26:11

So in 1971 a new 1200 cost $1850 in USA. The median monthly income was $750. So even $15 for an accessory was something

I know which Accessory i would have purchase.
The Stripe. I would skip three dinners out to buy it

No, not that one

3/4" SIDE STRIPE KIT, '''Part Number 99990-00109 (white) * 99990-00110 (black)''' [14.00]
Thin line side striping to add a subtle touch to the 1200's beautifully sculptured lines. Side striping consists of a 1/4" stripe between two 1/8" stripes for a total slim-line 3/4" stripe. 25 ft. of striping provided, all in high quality "Scotchcal" vinyl. Available in black or white.

"DATSUN" SIDE STRIPE, '''Part Number 99990-00107(white). * 9990-00108''' (black) [16.75]
Bold "DATSUN" side stripe adds sportscar flare to the 1200. Makes the car look lower and longer. Stripe is top quality "Scotchcal" vinyl. Each letter is formed with individual pieces of tape to let the original car paint show through for a clean, neat, perfectly colored letter! 71" long, available in black or white.

The DATSUN salesmen wrote convincing words! Makes me want to buy it. Not like the brochure writers who mostly wrote glib or obvious descriptions