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Re: DATSUN Accessories for your 1200

Subject: Re: DATSUN Accessories for your 1200
by ddgonzal on 2021/9/28 9:47:43

pager aren't bumper overriders rare in oz?

The rubber ones in the photo were standard issue in america. The tubular steel ones are very rare. only seen em once

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FRONT GUARD, Part Number 99990-00025 [$24.95 USD]Heavy duty tubular guards add beauty as it gives extra protection to the DATSUN 1200. This guard is specifically engineered for easy installation and all mounting hardware is included.

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Reminds me of a bulldog

REAR GUARD, Part Number 99990-00026 [24.95]Full wrap around protection is provided by this heavy tubular guard. Custom designed to fit the DATSUN 1200 and heavily chromed for lasting beauty. Comes complete with all mounting hardware.

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Reminds me of the stern rail of a boat

I never understood the functionality of these (if they had any function). But they look kinda cool ...