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Re: Datsun B210 Tachometer wiring in car where it didn't come stock issues

Subject: Re: Datsun B210 Tachometer wiring in car where it didn't come stock issues
by ddgonzal on 2021/10/1 19:51:39

after thinking about this ...

i think this is the 6-pin connector in your dash photo
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It's tucked out of sight in your photo, but those are the color wires

took some time to review the photos and old threads ... been a long time 2012 since we discussed it

The tech wiki states that "All North America (and perhaps all LHD) B210s have the tachometer wiring right there in the dash". It then gives the image below of the part that connects to the tachometer.
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The guy who posted that photo -- nine years ago -- never figured out the wiring harness. He bought a used tachometer and it came without the tachometer mini-harness, and only had the three tach wires

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One wire had an adapter on it for some reason

He said what do I do with this? couldn't find any "matching" wires in his dash. Eventually he didn't use the factory wiring and he ran new wiring from the dash out to the coil and got it working

That is one way to do it. As long as it is a LHD tachometer, it will bolt in. The dash wiring can be used -- or the three tach wires can be connected manually to various points of the car like Ground, 12V and the coil-Neg post. If you have electronic ignition (1976 CAL) then instead of the coil it connects to the underdash "black box"

In his 1977 B210, here is the 6-pin connector (which he didn't end up using)
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6-pin connector colors? looks like
BW L (Black w/White stripe, Blue wire)
RY B (Red w/Yellow stripe, Black wire)
GY R (Green w/Yellow stripe, Red wire)

Now these colors DO NOT MATCH the tach mini-harness connector colors. Yep, that's how Datsun did it. But two of the three main wires match colors (BW - tach signal, B - ground). The tach's signal wire (BG) connects to the mini-harness BG then on to the Dash Harness (probably the GY wire). The red and blue wires are for the gauge illumination (Blue (L) wires are typically LAMP wires on Datsuns)