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Re: Datsun B210 Tachometer wiring in car where it didn't come stock issues

Subject: Re: Datsun B210 Tachometer wiring in car where it didn't come stock issues
by Nats1113 on 2021/10/10 4:44:37

So apparently the lamps did work and I'm just an idiot. However, the tach isn't giving off any readings. I think I've pinpointed the source of the issue though. I ran a multimeter on continuity setting from the black and white wire to both the negative terminal on the battery and the negative on the ignition coil, which should all be connected. They are not. I have now, however, narrowed it down to two possible issues. All data I'm about to state has been tested with a multimeter, but I'm not exactly proficient at using it, so it may be flawed.

The image below shows what I have tested. The wire highlighted in blue is the one giving me issues. The ignition coil to first coupling (drawn with green arrows) are working as far as I have tested. However, from the first coupling to the mini harness has a discontinuation in it somewhere (drawn with red arrows). There are 2 other couplings between the 1st coupling and mini harness, but so far I have not been able to find them (circled in red). I have spent hours trying to follow wires and it has gotten me nowhere. If anyone happens to know where they are it would be greatly appreciated.
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Worst case scenario I'll try and run a new wire from the negative terminal of the ignition coil into a splice on the B&W wire in the mini harness that's in the dashboard, but I've never done anything like that so I'm hesitant. (higher quality image)