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Re: Toyota did it now its Nissans turn

Subject: Re: Toyota did it now its Nissans turn
by D on 2021/10/2 12:28:20

Yep thats the engine in the lil Yaris beast
I always bagged Toyota for never ever doing
something different to the rest but at least
doing it well their way so this is refreshing.

3 cylinders seem optimal for low down torque
and have become the norm in Japan kei class
which is limited to 660cc. The 660cc L4s were
producing torque higher up, less economy,
higher production costs & packaging issues.

I would really like to have Rotax 1.6L in
a small datto, locost or my rx7.
Nissan has some nice L3 engines as well
like the HR series but not sure the HR16DE
is a 3 cylinder?!! 78mm bores could be L4