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Sedan Rear Shocks

Subject: Sedan Rear Shocks
by B110SSS on 2021/10/12 1:47:10

Some time again I bought a pair of Spaxs for a RS2000 Escort rear for my SSS off a well known motorsport website in the UK and right from day 1 I wasn't happy with them as one had a totally different rebound to the other.
I did alert the seller about this but they weren't overly helpful and I won't be using them again in a hurry.
Fast forward to today and I am having issues with it giving the outer half of the rears a really hard time and I have just got the shocks back from being tested on a shock dyno and surprise, surprise they are stuffed.
What ( of decent quality) is available these days for the sedan? It is lowered as much as I can get away with so I certainly don't need anything like the travel of the standard shock.