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Re: Sedan Rear Shocks

Subject: Re: Sedan Rear Shocks
by B110SSS on 2021/10/14 19:42:57

Hi DD, no the Spax's don't look the same and too be honest I wouldn't go back down that road again.
Thanks for the info on the Alfa Koni part numbers. Re the bottom eye I will be getting my engineer to transfer the spherical bearings over that we fitted to the Spax's so that shouldn't be a problem.
I think the biggest issue with the RS2000 shock is that it is simply too long for a lowered car and only using part of its range.
I would also like to limit the rear droop to around 50mm but just need to make sure that the shocks can handle that without 'topping out' and destroying themselves.
I am in communication with a English company called Protech Shocks that look promising so will be interesting to see where that leads.