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Re: blat's Oregon Flyer

Subject: Re: blat's Oregon Flyer
by ddgonzal on 2021/10/13 5:40:21

Here are some pics from the club Photo Album for this car

When blat first got it and was considering a G13B (he eventually went with an A15)
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it was on Bring a Trailer in 2013

blat said in 2016:
I saved it from a field where it had sat with a blown head gasket for over 20 years. The wheels were 146 no-name MiniLite copies that I saved from a 240Z that I parted out. Engine was a JDM import A15 and the dogleg 5-spd transmission as well as rear differential were from a 77 B210. The original color was red but had been painted blue at some point. The silver over gunmetal looks pretty good in person ...

This car ran and drove great and got compliments daily. I drove it all over the [Pacific Northwest] for 6 years then moved on to a 510 wagon. The guy I sold the 1200 to was planning to gut it for an SR20 swap but later told me he was going to leave it alone and just enjoy it. Last time I saw it, it looked the same.

Blue Lake Datsun meet 2006 - 1st Place winner
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Canby Datsun meet 2007 - Silver/Charcoal Coupe
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