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Re: Growing trend of classic car conversions to EV power.

Subject: Re: Growing trend of classic car conversions to EV power.
by D on 2021/10/19 14:12:07

Hard not to rant Dave I see why many there have had more than enough.

Global warming and spamdemics are coverups for UN agenda 2030 and inbred Dan
also signed Vic over to China last year for a 99 year usufruct lease.
They are gonna ramp up the tyranny and digitize everything for the 5g network roll
out for driverless everything, smart cities and other high tech crap.
Melbourne is the chosen guinea pig for the future world roll out for a techno dystopia.

Old fella bought Moderna stock before the spamdemic at 10usd went up to +$400 but he
cant spend his millions in a sunny paradise now stuck in Demoncratic Melbourne

At almost 80 years of age he prob needs some high powered Electric inline skate
project to outrun the bacon for refusing to muffle up with a face nappy.

Back to projects could only get an fd3s rx7 to play with and not rebuilding
its 13b-rew and prob should consider a 18,000rpm electric heart instead.
Rotaries and big cars like jag v12 are good EV candidates but leave little cars to breathe fire!
any old english car could be better off as well as an EV, less stains on the driveway!