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Re: Group B rally Datsun 1200

Subject: Re: Group B rally Datsun 1200
by ddgonzal on 2021/10/21 23:54:47

Mr. K. was the maverick Nissan executive who became president of Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. he launched the 240Z (story goes by personally replacing the Fairlady badges at the pier)

"We are having a love affair with the Automobile. We do not want to build for you a chair to ride in on your freeways. American cars are built to be sofas. The Americans take their houses with them. We race to build a better car... and we race to win races." Yutaka Katayama to the press prior to the Laguna Seca race.

video: Group B MADNESS: When Rallying Got TOO FAST

How did they expect the 1200 to perform in Group B with that high-port cylinder head?