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Re: Group B rally Datsun 1200

Subject: Re: Group B rally Datsun 1200
by ddgonzal on 2021/11/3 8:21:23

Interesting short blog

The Sanitora was participating in the safari rally of 1983!

However, the entry name is not Sanitora, but NISSAN 1200 Pickup (that is, a truck). The driver is Iain Duncan/Gavin Bennett and what a ninth overall finish! At this time, Peugeot also entered the 504 pickup, but this is in 8th place, and Nissan loses in the truck showdown.

But it's great to say that the 1200cc truck played an active part against a strong opponent.

1983 is the year Nissan introduced the 240RS, with Giant Shah in fourth place on safari.

In Japanese, Mr. Iwase is 6th in the A10 Violet. Audi Quattro in opel ascona 400, 2 and 3rd place, and Subaru Leone in group 2 are fifth and seventh, so Sanitora's ninth place is how hard he fought. It was a fierce battle called 78 cars completed 22 cars.