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Re: A12 Crankshaft pilot hole bore dimm's

Subject: Re: A12 Crankshaft pilot hole bore dimm's
by ddgonzal on 2021/10/26 9:47:45

> are there different cranks with different bores?

sounds like someone built a race motor and machined it for a different bushing whatever they had on hand. Can you re-use the one that's in there?

All A12 use this Pilot Bushing
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Nissan 32202-18000 $3.98
* Fits all A-series A10/A12/A13/A14/A15/A12A
* including E10 Cherry/100A/120A Front Wheel Drive applications

* O.D.: 0.671" (17.0 mm)
* Width: 0.723" (18.36 mm)
* Bore: 0.48" (12.2 mm)