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Re: A new twist to efi vs carbs

Subject: Re: A new twist to efi vs carbs
by D on 2021/11/2 5:34:08

Back in the 80s the US agri sector with big oil all blackrock owned
wanted ethanol derived from gmo corn even as a percentage in fuel.

After many farmers in the early 1990s said enough is enough as they
were incriminated and blamed for having gmo dna ending up in their
own organic seeds collected for next harvest.

That was a big thing back in the day but farmers won out in the end however
many lost everything as Monsanto had to much power.

Eventually the media got on board and Monsanto had no where to hide.
Now its different, the media is completely under the controlled narrative
as they learnt from past crimes on how to improve on them.

Either way ethanol ended in many fuels in different countries and
carburettors like on Harleys and other jap bikes clogged up like crazy
if left sitting around for a month.

Cars went to efi everywhere as stated in the video due to carbs clogging
and not necessarily nox or other emissions as cat converters came in.

There are many tuners still swearing by carburettors for NA builds
while going high tech for turbo builds. Many american tuners of
the big 3 v8 championships are forced to use carbs but making 700hp
to 950hp from 5.8 to 7L classes.