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Re: A new twist to efi vs carbs

Subject: Re: A new twist to efi vs carbs
by D on 2021/11/6 1:43:55

Also look how much ethanol is usually found in fuel by many
LOL Governors of mentalities aka Gov doing their job.

Nik, love the chemistry lesson there thats awesome. interesting that salt is also used
in Japan and many cultures to keep evil spirits at bay like around the home, monks
used it everywhere and even in Sumo wrestling the throw the stuff everywhere.

Some interesting well known historical records by He-"Brews" state that back in Ancient Egypt
there where so many Bake houses and distillaries, the air was sweet and intoxicating.
Today, alcohol is still brewed and sold to anything possible and so is high gluten wheat.

Back in primary school we were made to harvest yeasts from the air in simple science experiments
and later we mixed them into wheat and water making little balls of dough that once covered up,
were supposed to produce co2 and alcohols by consuming the gluten. We also used the same strains
mixed with warm sugar water to make alcohol at an age we still had trouble wiping our butts properly!

What was funny and interesting was my Hebrew cousin's mother went nuts cleaning all surfaces
of their home before this fasting from yeast called passover. She said its to get rid of the
Chametz that was everywhere in the air, surfaces and was also used to make sour dough.
His mother said we must get rid of Chametz which was synonymous with evil during passover.

I liked scratched my head for if its in the air and everywhere, you cant get rid of it right?
We ate Matzah (a big like cracker bread) which was wonderful to watch being made quickly
from wheat and water then the dough was quickly flattened and put into the fire which
supposedly killed the Chametz/Evil/Yeast so you didnt ingest it. However breathing it in
and taking it gobs of air the Chametz gets into your blood anyway. right?

Studies have found that yeasts are everywhere even penetrating over time hydraulically through
the hardest of stones and rocks, are the basis of the best computer software or network
by researchers mimicking its fungal spore patterns and we crave for bread, sugar and sometimes
alcohol made from it. Basically to feed these anaerobic Chametz that has also been found to enslave
and/or deactivate Mitochondria, make insects into zombies and now clogs up our carburetors.

So we got to spend a week from Nissan 15 (first day of spring is Nissan 1) keeping evil/chametz
at bay and be part of the Nissan Cabal for the rest :)