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Re: horrible knock from stanza struts

Subject: Re: horrible knock from stanza struts
by kennyboy on 2022/2/19 6:20:50

hi guys, an update of what ive found so far.
-stripped struts down, all seem good, replaced spacers for the shocks in the tubes all cleaned and reassembled.

-has adjustable tops fitted and thrust bearings were in upside down, had 12mm shock rods through an 18mm hole in rose joint just slapping around so made some brass bushes and shrink fit them into the rose joint.

-ive just replaced the old rubber LCA bushes and on reassembly found the castor rods are both stamped R (for RHS i guess) and the side that knocks like hell doesnt line up with the LCA bolt holes by like 10mm which would give me massive neg castor on that side.

is there much difference between the castor rod lhs and rhs?
should i machine the shoulder back on the castor rod to get them lined up at the same height for both sides so effectively having same or close to same geometry for lhs and rhs?
should i bolt it all back together, somehow, and see what camber/castor it has and go from there before reworking stuff?

anything else helpfull much appreciated, i have been through all the tech wiki already

not keen on shelling out$360 for a set of maddat adjustable castor rods at this stage