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Re: A10 turbo. Has anyone done it? What are the limitations?

Subject: Re: A10 turbo. Has anyone done it? What are the limitations?
by ddgonzal on 2022/2/20 20:41:19

Using 5 mains will make it more reliable to rev thus gaining a bit more power?
No. No power is added. 3-main cranks are reliable. 5-main are there to reduce harmonic vibrations at higher RPM. That being said, the A10 can reliably rev higher than the stock 5600 rpm

A10 with boost will best a high-rev A12

No need to upgrade head
No need to rev high

Just add boost. Keep the chamber cool, do not overheat. Avoid pinking and it'll be fine (reduced mechanical spark advance + rich mixture at all times)

Remember that a 90hp boosted engine will accelerate a car quicker than a 100hp naturally aspirated one

* 90hp at 5600 rpm, 90hp at 3000 rpm
* 100hp at 7000 rpm, 40hp at 3000 rpm

This low-RPM horsepower is why the 2021 turbo vehicles are so quick. Just beware -- without careful spark and fuel control the engine will detonate. It'll work with a carburetor, but you may have to over-richen it to ensure it never goes lean