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Tennessee Two-door

Subject: Tennessee Two-door
by ddgonzal on 2022/1/19 21:47:10

Could this be the long lost mareospeedwagon 1200? Interesting Roof Tone paint job and coke-bottle emphasizing pinstripe

From 7 August 2013

Quickie: Datsun 1200 two-door sedan
This is a cool little 1200 with four-speed and which was apparently refurbished a while back. It shows well now, though weíre not sure the red dash trim is original.

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$1,525.69 with six bids, reserve not met and $3,700 BIN price
Drummonds, TN
08/18/2013 update: SOLD for $3,600 with 14 bids.
09/02/2013 update: Relisted and SOLD for $3,400 with eight bids.

This is a white car with the red accents added, but itís reasonably well done. Original hubcaps are a nice touch.

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Note the white in the door jambs. Aftermarket wheel works pretty well here and upholstery generally looks good.

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More white paint is evident in the engine compartment. This isnít exactly detailed, but looks serviceable and the seller claims the engine was rebuilt not too long ago.

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Ad text:

Runs great, drives good, 25-30 mpg, great little collector car. redone about 7 years ago, stored in my fathers carport since, driven only 4 to 5 thousand miles since rebuild. He drove it about once a week. Engine was bored .030 over and crankshaft was inspected and polished and new main and rod bearings as well as cam bearings. Cyl head was inspected and valves reground, along with new oil pump and all gaskets and seals. Runs great and uses no oil. the transmission and clutck work good with no issues.The brakes are oky we just had new front calipers installed and the brake pads are good. rear shoes are good but the rear wheel cylinders are a little stiff due to sitting a lot. stops good, just needs to be driven more. Has new muffler and tailpipe. All electricals are working good including lighting and charging system. Paint is good, was redone also about 7 years ago, does have a few minor rust issues starting to show up mainly around the rocker panels. Dad owned this car for 28 years