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Re: Is there an A series auto trans that's incredibly strong?

Subject: Re: Is there an A series auto trans that's incredibly strong?
by Matto1kUte on 2022/3/7 18:18:44

Would u know who I could goto who would cut and shut a gearbox? Not sure what type of person would do that and if it's just easier and cheaper to go get a celica box fitted? After thinking, it's probably better I use the e15et motor as it comes with so many factory components for a turbo engine, they are pretty cheap as many engines are just laying in people's sheds doing nothing and they are a hardy engine. It seems the 411 diff will be easy to fit to the 1000 as supposedly it's the same length but I do wonder if the 60 series gearbox is going to hold up to a mild e15et (more boost and programmable computer)? I don't want to start chopping the tunnel to fit an auto which apparently wont fit a manual tunnel so now that's out of the equation unfortunately. Would have been a cheap strong answer. From what I have read, the 60 series gearbox is rated to 135 lb.ft, a stock e15et puts out 123 lb.ft so I'm thinking the weak link is going to be the stock gearbox