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Re: Is there an A series auto trans that's incredibly strong?

Subject: Re: Is there an A series auto trans that's incredibly strong?
by Matto1kUte on 2022/3/14 22:53:19

I would love to but when it goes through our inspection, any type of mods like that will require an emissions test which is very costly. Have heard it's about $1300. Trust me, if I could get rid of that dizzy I would haha. In the future I might go about changing things but for the time being I have to stick with getting the dizzy to work. I'm just using alloy 3d printer toothed cogs. The belts look like they are made similar to timing belt ones with material incorporated and about 10mm wide. Teeth are about 5mm in depth so should be sufficient to drive a dizzy. One cog will have 3 holes drilled so it can be bolted directly to the cam & cam gear. The other of the same size has a 12mm bore which will match the dizzy shaft diameter. Have some bits and pieces coming in to make up a bracket for the dizzy which will allow the dizzy to sit snug in the inlet manifold (between the throttle body and inlet runners). I'll 3d print a front cover to cover the dizzy pulley system.