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Re: Is there an A series auto trans that's incredibly strong?

Subject: Re: Is there an A series auto trans that's incredibly strong?
by D on 2022/3/21 15:09:35

"In Australia ca18det and sr20det's are going for stupid money. I have seen them at $8-10k plus I'm not sure they fit too well in a 1000. I think with the use of a 411 h165 and maybe the dellow celica gearbox conversion, it will make a budget street setup. I'll have to go the maddat front disk conversion aswel as the trx rear disks."

You can get ca18de head and fit it to a ca20e late bottom end with factory or spool 4g63 rods for under 200aud, you get easy 5 speed from any ca20 rwd bluebird with some tomei cams or regrinds for 200 second hand 264 duration both sides and higher. Header in stainless can be had for 100usd, cheap factory modded Nistune ecu from adelaide, cheap headers and you get an engine that can rev to 8000rpm happily with 150-160hp and more with bike carbs.

You would never just use an old imported engine as is anyway and anything you get cheaply will need a rebuild.

As for budget streeter, a celica box from dellows is like 2k for basic kit and more with rebuilt t50 and maddat brakes are like 1k front and back
so you are looking at 4-5k alone for box and brakes.

As a bunch of student 30 years ago we drove an old exa auto with e15et conversion and it was gutless till we went manual.
The auto needed quite some mods to get it to work with the turbo sweet spot and was pure lag too often very similar to
a factory saab turbo of the 80s with an auto most horrible lag combo ever experienced.