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6pin Engine harness plug ID help!

Subject: 6pin Engine harness plug ID help!
by draker on 2022/2/23 2:16:31

Wiring harness plug identification help needed! Iím in the middle of swapping out the dash and engine harness to one thatís a bit less melted. My car is a LHD 1/72 auto sedan and Iím swapping a harness from a LHD 72 auto coupe. The harness on my sedan was modified a bit so not everything is 1 to 1.
Where the engine harness enters the firewall I have this plug that went to what looks like a relay on the donor as shown. My sedan doesnít have the relay, but does have the plug. What is this relay for?

I've looked at the 72 wiring diagram and I don't see this connector. It seems to either be an auto option or a 72+ option as my 71 manual harness doesn't have this plug.

Wire colors are as follows:

Thanks for the assist!