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Re: 1200 ute h165 diff in a 1000 ute. Possible?

Subject: Re: 1200 ute h165 diff in a 1000 ute. Possible?
by Matto1kUte on 2022/2/27 13:29:07

I just wasn't sure of the splines were the same from 411 bluebird to 910 bluebird. Someone has told me the 411 diff is the same length as the 1000 but I'd like to confirm this with my own eye :)

Would be good if the e15et engine fits and having a h165 as I think it would be suitable and a budget conversion. I picked up a e15et motor for $150, 2nd hand aftermarket computers are pretty cheap these days which takes care of the dizzy in the firewall issue and if I can fit the td04 turbo by using the stick e15et manifold with just a simple adapter (t25 flange, 2 inch 90 degree steampipe fitting on to td04 flange) then it might work out to a very cheap source of power upgrade. N12 turbo stuff are almost throwaways these days and so are stock td04's