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Re: Factory tach reads half of actual engine speed?

Subject: Re: Factory tach reads half of actual engine speed?
by ddgonzal on 2022/4/10 0:03:48

1200 tachometer
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* Yellow ARROW: adjustment slot

To remove tachometer guts from the case:
0. Remove the tachometer from dashboard
1. Remove nuts + washers (yellow circles)
2. Remove the wire loop
3. Remove the plastic wire block
4. Remove the case screws (red circle)
Pull the tachometer guts from the metal case

look for a resistor that is added

The Datsun tachometer V8 resistor mod is from the book "Jags That Run" to convert tachometer. I couldn't find a pic but here is the same mod done to a VDO tachometer 4-to-8 cylinder with 750ohm resistor added (violet-green-brown stripes, the gold stripe means 5% tolerance)

If you see an extra resistor, please take photos. I don't have any photos of the 1200 tacho guts