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Re: BCDD Adjustment and Bench Testing

Subject: Re: BCDD Adjustment and Bench Testing
by ddgonzal on 2022/4/25 0:14:54

yes there are two diaphragms

* one on the body-to-carburetor surface
* one on the body-to-adjuster side

The first doubles as the "gasket" to bolt onto the carburetor, it is actually a vacuum diaphragm that moves the inlet passage ball valve. The other one is between the two housing halves, and i think moves slightly when the adjuster is turned

To remove the BCDD take the screw on the pointed end, and the other two screws (marked '1' in the diagram)
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If you remove all the screws the adjustment screw plate can come free. The diaphragms don't always tear, can sometimes be reused. Does the Tomco kit come with new diaphragms?