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Proper bolt tightening for 4 blade white plastic fan.

Subject: Proper bolt tightening for 4 blade white plastic fan.
by NoferTrunions on 2022/5/5 6:04:07

I had a catastrophic failure where I used Loctite instead of the bent metal tabs to keep the bolts from loosening. They did loosen. The pulley slid on the pump flange and the bolts hammered circumferential slots in the pulley (at least 1/2" of slot!). The pulley was also cutting into the bolts and eventually DECAPITATED THEM tossing the fan and destroying the radiator.

COOL OT RAD STORY: I had a alum aftermarket rad for a L20b in my L18 620. As soon as I bot that rad, some guy on eBay had a bunch of Eagle 481 proper brass rads for the 620 for something like $40 shipped (!) I was totally pissed - especially since it was the OE type. But I was so pissed I bot one anyway, put it on the shelf and laughed that I would never use it. (!) Talk about Serendipidy!

I reassembled with new tab strips and locked the bolts heads proper and tightened to a point where I thought I might be crushing the plastic fan.

Time passed....

Today I discovered my crank bolt was completely loose and backed out maybe 1 turn - it turned freely with 2 fingers and felt like a new bolt and crank - it was that smooth.

But I also found that the fan was slipping on the pulley a bit - the bolts were still safety tabbed.

The fan did not slip on the pulley when I assembled it, so that meant I had lost clamping force. I have not removed it yet, but I am concerned that if the fan is slipping, it's possible the pulley is slipping on the flange which could start the "slotting" failure I originally experienced.

So how to get this stack of parts to stay put?
A Stud Bolt would be a great solution