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Re: Proper bolt tightening for 4 blade white plastic fan.

Subject: Re: Proper bolt tightening for 4 blade white plastic fan.
by NoferTrunions on 2022/5/5 17:09:05

L18 Engine Vibration

Mine has a significant balance vibration (not some miss or ignition thing) that I can feel in the steering wheel, floor shifter and inside the cab in general. (I owned a 72 510 back in the day and never noticed any vibration issue - but that was many decades ago.)

This vibration loosens bolts all over the place (I've heard other people having the same experience.)

If I even have to put a clutch in, I would have the flywheel and clutch balanced just to be sure - BUT is this a Wild Goose Chase? - Do these engines simply vibrate like that?

OTHER ENGINE EXPERIENCE: no such vibration:

I had a 1600, 2002 and 2002tii BMW and there was no such vibration - in fact, the 1600 felt like an electric motor with a total absence of even the slightest vibration. it also wanted to rev forever (the 2.0's were completely different, not electric smooth and you could tell they were "straining" at redline.