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Re: Proper bolt tightening for 4 blade white plastic fan.

Subject: Re: Proper bolt tightening for 4 blade white plastic fan.
by NoferTrunions on 2022/5/7 23:30:30

Real butchers had this 620 before I got it.

EXAMPLE: They put a Rochester Monojet on it. The plywood adapter was cut out with what appears to have been a screwdriver and a hammer (!). The carb has a 2-bolt flange. They put one on a manifold stud, then aligned it diagonally and put a large washer on the manifold stud to "clamp the flange down". HOWEVER, showing some actual intelligence put a loose nut on the opposite side of the washer so when it was clamped down, it did not cock.

The truck has 130k on it and the clutch is still working. I don't know if the OE would last that long. Because of the vibration, I'm thinking they may have screwing something up IF they put a clutch in it. Judging on the work done, I doubt they would have taken the flywheel off (unless of course they ran the plate rivets into it.)

I won't inspect the clutch until I have to replace it. (and at that time I'll put my 1980 L20b 720 wide ratio 5-speed in it.) (If I ever get a 2nd car, I may just pay someone to do that job.)