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Heater core bypass question

Subject: Heater core bypass question
by 1200GXman on 2022/6/9 13:43:18

Hi all
Just a question as a fellow Datsun friend and I are disagreeing on the matter although I think he has a point.
My cabin heater core tap got stuck due to rust and age in the closed position. I then decided many years ago to bypass it in the engine bay and neatly put plugs in the firewall where the pipes would have entered.
It is currently connected as follows: pipe from the BOTTOM radiator hose is joint to a T and then enters the cylinder head at the back. So radiator water permanently flows into the back of the cylinder head. As you know, when the cabin heater is activated, radiator water will anyway flow this way. My friend say I must rather block the cylinder head at the back and also the radiator T piece as it is cold water entering the cylinder head while hot water from the engine block enters the cylinder head from below. This might cause a cold spot at the back of the cylinder head. I believe he has a valid point but can it cause harm? Must I rather block so that water only flow from engine block to cylinder head?