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Electrical issue, burning isulation smell etc

Subject: Electrical issue, burning isulation smell etc
by SunnyDaze on 2023/9/9 3:04:41

Ok so I seem to have some electrical gremlin(s) in my 120y. Seemed to start after I drove my car through a a fair bit of water. Shallow, but it was for quite a way with a lot of splashing around.

Straight afterwards I noticed that the right hand indicator no longer flashed but stays on. Didn't think much of it at the time. However next time I drove the car I could smell a burning insulation smell. Driving the car home and I think I saw a waft of smoke coming up by the steering column. Pulled over, waited, turned everything off I could (headlights, fan, radio) then nipped home (about 1km). Smell didn't seem to return. Haven't used the car since then.

Everything seems to work except the right indicator. I have the car running now idling for 20 mins (no lights, fan indicators radio etc on) and can't detect anything like a burning smell.

So how to troubleshoot this? I am moderately handy with a multimeter, but have dealt with few electrical issues on the car. Going to start by removing the clamshell / steering column plastic and look for toasty bits. Also check continuity on suspect circuits. I am suspecting something to do with the indicator or lights.