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Nissan A14 10 second 1200 from Alkebulan!

Subject: Nissan A14 10 second 1200 from Alkebulan!
by D on 2023/9/20 5:27:09

Came across this video of a stock crank A14
with the turquoise rocker cover is the steel
crank unlike other colored A series of late
Soufrikan models late 90s.

Alkebulan (known as Africa) seems to have some
of the best cars and projects that have gone
un-noticed for too long.

The guy reveals it all, no secrets held back
the first time to see such honesty anywhere
in racing and in an interview.

Uses almost same ex manifold design offered
by many here even used by TopGear for his
little draw through A12 and su carb.

Maybe Sykine can get some tips from this
this guy as he uses just cleaned casting
marks no porting but focuses on valve angles
and camshafts design with a small turbo.

Different horses of course but this guy
has managed to sort everything out and
using w58 Yota box which one member here
had bellhousing for which would have come
from this guys neck of the woods.

You can buy the W55/56/57 combo from
china and use this bellhousing. The W box
was used in many cars in China so just in
case someone is looking for a cheap 5 speed
albeit ratios are suitable for heavier cars.

Here in Yamato known as Japan the A series
engines are fetching over 1000aud for stockies
and sky high prices for hotties.