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Latest Vintage Race

Subject: Latest Vintage Race
by Rallytwit on 2023/9/27 20:55:02

So this past weekend I got the 1200 out to race. Fellow 1200 member Ogreinc aka Stan finally got his 1200 done so we shared a garage. Stan hadn't raced in a few years so they had him do the whole rookie thing and his only goal was to finish which he did.

Below you'll find the video: at the 2:20-2:40 mark you'll see me make an excellent pass on a Volvo 1800 and then sadly have to give it right back. I arrived on the scene to find a standing yellow and was already fully committed. For the first time in 36 years of racing I had to go see the Steward.......I explained that I'm an idiot and he was good with that.

I ended up 10th overall (23 cars) and 2nd in class (4 cars).