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Electric Brake Booster

Subject: Electric Brake Booster
by ddgonzal on 2023/11/15 3:21:13

About $200 USD on eBay for a good used unit from a 2018 Honda Accord or CR-V (Bosch iBooster)

* Simple 4-wire hookup
* Get reduced pedal travel with no increase in pedal force. Say bye bye to long brake pedal travel
* use with a 10 psi residual valve for rear drum brakes
* good for "big brake" swaps

It comes with a 25.4 mm master cylinder. Is this too big for stock brakes? The 1200 uses a 17.5 mm master. Would make the brakes touchy/grabby?

For stock brakes, you could adapt it to work with the stock 1200 master, but what is the point? To make it use even less leg power? It's already easy to press the pedal on a 1200. By using a larger master, the pedal travel is reduced for a tighter/stiff pedal. All without the usual downside of increase leg effort when using a larger master cylinder