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White 1972 Coupe for sale, So California USA

Subject: White 1972 Coupe for sale, So California USA
by ddgonzal on 2008/11/23 8:04:37

advert on Ratsun.netQuote:
It won best 1200 at JCCS '07 and second place at JCCS '08.
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my '72 Datto coupe is going to be for sale.

I honestly have no idea what it's worth, but damn near everything is new except the engine. I bought it with the intention of restoring it, but I've never really had to. I've been able to keep it on the road (a lot) while doing most of the other mechanicals.

If anyone is interested or wants more details, feel free to post on this thread or pm me. Your suggestions or offers are most welcome.