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Nissan Parts "No Longer Available"

Subject: Nissan Parts "No Longer Available"
by ddgonzal on 2009/6/28 21:58:33

If you find that a specific part number is NLA (No Longer Availble), post your part numbers in these Topics:

* Nissan JAPAN Parts Business
* Nissan Parts still available - Nissan Australia
* Nissan USA

Remember that thousands of Datsun 1200 parts are STILL AVIALABLE from Nissan. But thousands more are now NLA. And be cautious. Just because your local dealer says "not available" doesn't mean much. Ask him to do a nationwide search.

Search your Part Number on "Fast Search". Hundreds if not thousands of part numbers are listed on this site, most in the Tech Wiki. Add your Part Number to the Tech wiki if you don't find it listed.