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Re: For sale: SR20DET Datsun Sunny sedan Aus

Subject: Re: For sale: SR20DET Datsun Sunny sedan Aus
by Felinedat on 2009/10/29 0:44:49

""Define a reasonable price. No offence intended but a real clean sr20 sunny coupe just sold in qld for under $4K.""

What the?? Why didn't you buy it for 4K? No offence, but you are stupid for not taking advantage of that one. Or did you just come here to make this poor guy feel like his car is worthless. pfft. He might not have taken offence - but you are a dumbass.... No offence or anything hey... .
Don't worry BAD - I sold my SR conversion for 18,000 & if anyone told me it was worth 4k I would have laughed in their face. Don't undersell it, it's a nice tidy car I have seen it around.