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FS: SR20DE Datsun Stanza- 12 months fresh rego!

Subject: FS: SR20DE Datsun Stanza- 12 months fresh rego!
by TUF-110 on 2012/3/17 0:00:13

Hey Guys, Im looking to move my stanza along to get something turbo. This car is a heck of alot of fun, when I first bought it, it was setup for grip with some softer springs and softer rear shocks and it did that amazingly, But ive set it up to drift and it does it very well for a non turbo car. Ive done a few events at winton in this and it loves it! Ive never had anything break, always drive to the track, drive hard all day, then drive home without a drama. Goes much harder then a 4age corolla, even a fair bit harder then a 20v corolla, it seriously is alot of fun and can be quite competitive keeping up with some of the turbo s-chassis! Ive had this car through the course of my P Plates and it would have to be one of the quicker cars a P plater could get their hands on, I also drive this thing daily and it is great. The body is abit rough in the rear but its structually as solid as new, this car isnt about being clean and spotless, its about driving hard and having fun and it does it very well, If youre looking for a 16v corolla to slide this is the next best thing for the same price, it is ready to take to the track tomorrow and it performs quite well. It really is a unique slider and stands out from the crowd.

The whole car is engineered and rego'd till the 7th of april but ill be putting 12 months fresh rego on it, I really do love this car but its got to go to make room for my next!

I cant explain how well this car does its job ill let some videos explain further down.

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1982 datsun stanza.


Metallic brown paint,some straight panels, some not so straight, abit of rust here and there but nothing structural its all in the panels. Primered bootlid


S13 SR20DE, very stong motor, goes quite hard, Alot of torque for an n/a motor and spins 3rd pretty easy! Serviced every event.
S13 5 speed box
HD clutch
One piece tailshaft, recently replaced uni's
R31 BW78 28 spline diff, shortened, locked centre

Engine accessories-

19 row oil cooler
Alloy S13 radiator
Short intake with a pod filter
Hurricane extractors, 2.5 inch system, two lukey mufflers and a hotdog, pretty quiet, awesome note!

Suspension/Brake components-


R31 front struts with unknown shocks but they are quite firm and work very well, 8kg springs
R31 brakes
Re-drilled strut towers for camber
Re-drilled crossmember for track increase
MADDAT Adjustable castor rods
New balljoints and tie rod ends
GN sigma steering arms
Notched LCA's


6kg springs
Bilstein shocks
R31 rear swaybar
New nolthane trailing arm bushes
New nolthane swaybar bushes
AU falcon watts link
R31 brakes


Brown stratos bucket seats, super comfy and quite huggy, feel great on the track with good comfort on the street
Autotechnica steering wheel
Pink gear knob
Bond alloy bolt in half cage
Hidden hydraulic hand brake ( runs off the original handbrake lever, hydro setup is hidden in the centre console)

Im sure ive forgotten some stuff but feel free to ask.

The car will have r31 TI wheels on it for the sale and comes with some spare springs,and a few other spares.

$5000 with a fresh 12 months rego

Located in wagga wagga nsw.

You can catch me on 0488913999

Thanks for looking, Jake :)